Operation Pharoah

1987, the world is 14 years into the war kickstarted by Operation Trinity and the nuclear detonation in 1973. Following the success of Operation "Red Storm" in 1986, NATO finally have the USSR on the back pedal, however they are holding a strong defensive line and a crippling blow is needed to be dealt if they are to be pushed back to Moscow.

The eyes of NATO commanders turn to Kazakhstan, which has seen a massive amount of investment in recent years because of the oil reserves in the country which are proving lucrative to the Soviet regime. Destroying this supply will put a dramatic dent in Soviet logistics and give NATO soldiers on the frontlines an opening to cross the Iron Curtain.

Cue Operation Pharoah, a daring plan to set up a FOB deep behind enemy lines in Kazakhstan and spend the winter months undergoing clandestine operations to slowly sabotage and cripple the flow of oil to Russia.


CO1: Initiation

Ulytau Region | 0830 | Clear - Active

Blow up some commie shit lmao

CO2: Hierarchy

Kostanay Region | 1400 | Sandstorm - Active

Find and interrogate the Soviet Commander

CO3: Manhunt

Pavlodar Region | 0830 | Clear - Active

The hunt for the commander continues into the mountains

CO4: Heavy Mettle

Aqmola Region | 1600 | Cloudy - Active

It's time to cause a distraction to draw forces away from the Capital; aka lets give Harry a tank

CO5: Black Gold

Astana | 0100 | Cloudy - Active

Take down two birds with one stone; Assassinate the Soviet Commander and blow up key oil lines.