After a 7 month hiatus from campaigns, Task Force Valkyrie is making a return with our signature "chillsim" action and bringing with it a large library of Arcade modes, gameplay overhauls, quality of life additions and one of the more ambitious campaigns to date.

I just didn't just update a few things; I've practically rebuilt the modpack from scratch. This should bring some much needed Quality of Life improvements to the game as well as some exciting new gameplay features to keep you on your toes.

Furthermore, in addition to this comprehensive overhaul, classic game modes like Liberation and Sabotage that have become fan favorites have received total overhauls. Making the modes more simple for those casual play sessions but also giving you the option to put the "milsim" back into Arma.

That's just touching the surface with the impressive list of changes, additions and reworks coming with our Thirteenth campaign. Explore this webpage to see a more indepth look at the content mentioned above as well as much much more!

Arma. Is. Back.


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5 part campaign

Following the dramatic events of "Red Storm," this thrilling new campaign transports you to the heart of Kazakhstan. Here, a daring operation unfolds to cripple the oil supply into the ussr which will inevitably change the course of the war.

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liberation redux

a favourite among the valkyries, liberation has finally recieved its long overdue revamp and has been transformed into Vanguard. It now focuses on multiple sectors at a time and redefines the arma sandbox, giving you true operational freedom.

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entirely rebuilt

with such a long break since the last new modpack, the foundation has been rebuilt entirely. Powered by numerous new Quality of life mods, a new HUD and version of ACE, this version overhauls Arma and provides a more modern feel to the game.

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Date Event
01/12/23Modpack Showcase
01/12/23Vanguard Beta Starts
10/12/23Vanguard Beta Ends
23/12/23Server Maintenance Starts
27/12/23Full Release
06/01/24Campaign Mission 01
20/01/24Campaign Mission 02
10/02/24Campaign Mission 03
09/03/24Campaign Mission 04
18/03/24Campaign Mission 05