TFV Arcade

Looking for something fun to do while on R&R? Then why not visit the Arcade? Quickplay features a whole list of modes that can be played and completed in under 20 minutes. Ranging from tense round based PvP to chaotic PvE survival, the arcade has a mode for you!

Modes Overview

Team Deathmatch

A classic brawl between friends, in this mode you need to kill the enemy team more than they kill you!


Capture and defend the three capture points on the map to maintain superiority and drain enemy Respawn tickets.


In this reimagining of Sabotage, players will either need to attack or defend MCOM sites from the opposing players.

Gun Master

Its TDM with a twist! Every time a player spawns, they are given one of twenty random loadouts!


In a rapidly shriking playzone, hunt better equipment to be the last player standing in this mini Battle Royale.


Find and defend uplink stations against waves of enemies to earn better gear. Complete 3 uplinks to win.

Available Maps

Team Deathmatch Domination Infiltration Gun Master Showdown Uplink
Backyard N/A Island N/A N/A N/A

Gun Master, Showdown and Infiltration will not be supported from release. They will be added at a later date.
Keep an eye in the discord to stay up to date on their release.