Choose Your Sector

Every vanguard session starts the same, you need to select your sector from the available ones. Read the briefings below and select the correct mission file. Each sector comes with its own challenges and gameplay mechanics, with some offering a more relaxed experience while others will push your skills to their limits.

Plan Your Strategy

Once the scenario is loaded, your orders will follow shortly after. Each time you load in, the AI force will change the location of their garrisons, how they allocate resources and their strategy to stopping you. Look at your objectives, come up with a plan, choose your transport and adjust your loadouts accordingly.

Execute the mission

Enter the Area of operations and execute your plan. The enemy will send reactive forces as well as try to anticipate your movements, be prepared to change things on the field based on what they're doing. Being adaptable is key to success here!

Extract from the AO

Once all objectives are complete, you will need to extract. Simply leave the playzone to have your Victory Points logged.

Liberate Sectors

Victory points are a metric for how much influence you have in a sector, once you reach a predetermined amount of VP, the Soviets will surrender and the sector will be marked as complete. Killing enemies and completing objectives give you more VP. Player and Civilian casualties reduce VP.



Easy | Recon, destroy, assassinate, eliminate

A strategically unimportant sector with lots of far stretching plains and tall hills with very few hiding spots for defending forces. Bambi is a low effort sector with majority infantry patrols and few vehicles scattered throughout. Enemy force is fairly passive.